Water Safety

Water Safety

Safety in the Sun

Watch out for the dangerous too’s:

Too tired

Too hot

Too cold

Too far from safety

Too much sun

Too much hard playing


 Protecting Your Skin:

Sunlight contains two kinds of ultra violet light rays. One kind, UVB causes sunburn and can make you more susceptible to cancer.  The other is UVA, which increases the risk of cancer, skin aging, and other skin diseases.

 To prepare for fun in the sun, you need to limit your time in direct sunlight.  The sun is most harmful between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.  You should wear appropriate clothes but do not expose your skin to too much sun.  The risk is greater when you are around water because the sun reflects off the water.

It is also wise to use sunscreen. All sunscreen is marked with ratings, a higher rating is best. Everyone should use sunscreen.  Fair-skinned people should be more careful in the sun. Don’t forget to reapply the sun screen often.






Risks of Water Fun:

 People diving headfirst into shallow water is one of the leading causes of spinal injuries. Diving can be safe and fun if you do it wisely.  Do not wear earplugs when you are diving, they can cause pressure as you go down in to the water.

 Drinking alcohol while participating in water sports is very dangerous.  Even a little alcohol can affect your caution, awareness, and thinking.  It can also affect your balance, judgement, slow your movements, and impair your vision. Never swim alone, also know your swimming limits and stay within them.

You do not have to wait an hour after eating to swim.  However if you have had a large meal, let the digestion start before starting a strenuous exercise as swimming.