Each kit contains:

2  Z Pak Dressings

2   G7 (Military) Tourniquets

2  Rolls Gauze

10 Antiseptic Wipes

2 Pairs Gloves

5  Sterile Gauze Pads

1  CPR Face Shield with one way valve

1 Extra Absorbent Pad

1 Triangular Bandage

1 Sharpie Marker

1 Pair of Trauma Scissors

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We are a company dedicated to making a change in the community around us. We train our teachers, doctors, nurses, and neighbors all the valuable updates from the American Heart Association on how to properly utilize CPR, first aid, and other life saving techniques.

Our instructors excel at providing a learning environment that is stress free and easily accommodating to each individual. All of our courses are taught either individually in our office or in a group of 6 or more and we come to you. We believe giving the option of learning in your own work place, office, or home provides better over all results.

Unlike other companies we don’t charge any yearly membership fees or any hidden charges. We provide the lowest possible price because our first priority is a safer community.

We keep you prepared to handle any unexpected emergency as calmly and confidently as possible!